Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Proud Mainer!

Recently the town of Sedgwick in my great state of Maine has decided that they (the people) know what's best for them.   The people have spoken and their voices are clear.  Stay out of our Pantry!

I hope this attitude spreads with fervor across the country. It is high time we tell those who supposedly "represent" us that they are in place to protect our freedom--not limit it!  If they will not honor their oath then our rights must be asserted.  WE have a inalienable right to decided what goes in our bodies and such decisions should not be left in the hands of political hack bureaucrats in any house State or Federal.

 No, rather, such decisions will be left for us people to decide in our own homes. Local trade can be regulated locally and should be.   Thank you, good people of Sedgwick for doing the right thing.

This is only the beginning of people telling the gub'mint to back off while they assert their rights to food freedom.  I am glad the food revolution is starting here at home.  Please follow the link below.


Sunday, March 10, 2013